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Traditional , Modern & Angel Tarot Course 
From the 17th August - 5th October 2018.
Friday's for 8 weeks 
sydney time 2hrs per week. 
9.30am - 11.30am. AEST 
Investment $497.00 
SALE OFFER till 15th July. 18
valued at $1497



It has become more complicated over the last thirty years

because an enormous influx of new Tarot cards has come onto the market, making choice extremely difficult.

Some people can have a negative reaction to the Traditional Tarot cards as they have strong images.

The more modern Tarot of today have a more positive reaction when seeing their images. 

Here’s what you will learn ………

* Traditional tarot
* Angel tarot
* Energetic protocols
• Understanding of the history of the Tarot
• Learn the deep meanings and understanding of each individual card
• Learn the meanings and symbolism of each card and suit
• Learn different layouts of the Tarot Cards 
• Learn combinations and their deeper and direct meanings 
• Exercises to practise interpreting your New Tarot Cards
• The representations and connections to events, issues, ideas and concepts 
• Offer a deep interpretation of the Tarot cards for others and be able to offer insight, understanding, and divine messages and knowledge.
• Meet, grow and share with like-minded new friends/ classmates
* facebook support group included. 

The Tarot is a wonderful tool to help with personal and spiritual growth not only for yourself but for others if that is what you choose to do. If this sounds like something you’ve had an interest in or have always wanted to know more about then this is for you. We all have a gift within us to be able to learn and grow our spiritual selves and to connect with our divine guides and this course is definitely recommended in giving you exactly this.

Please contact me to register as numbers are limited giving you the best learning advantages with a limited numbered group.

Looking forward to connecting, sharing, educating and growing together on our wonderful journeys in this lifetime.