The Vitality Empire Membership



This membership group is a Divine Space to be held


in a Safe and Powerful way!



The Vitality Empire Membership


  • Are you over feeling heavy and tired ?
  • Do you feel like you’re doing what’s necessary to look after your space and energy but still find yourself feeling drained and exhausted in the aftermath?
  • Do you sense that you could have a much bigger impact and a better life, but it feels like something  is holding you back?

          It’s time to change that now as you step into your Inner Power!
          First, let’s get real about what it takes to really be happy, healthy and be a divine success!

          I am here supporting you with your healing process and to hold the energetic space required for your success and expansion.

         If you want to grow your empire, your life, it’s vital that you clear your energy to build your divine business and life from a position of power, clarity             and nourishment. Being drained or pulled down by the energy of others only traps you in unnecessary struggle and sacrifice. T’s It’s important to               clear your energy and build your vibration and this will allow you to rise without energetic blocks and restrictions that might be trapping you in over           work, hustle and exhaustion.

        You will no longer feel unprotected, exhausted and affected by the vibration of others. Instead, you’ll feel safe, aligned, empowered, energised and           unstoppable. You’ll become a powerhouse of attraction, power, expansion and sacred success!


The Vitality Empire Membership

Is a paid group with online weekly live calls (calls are recorded so you don't miss out and will get the replay to watch in your own time.)

Sydney - Every second Tuesday 9.30am -11.30am AEST and


We will be covering and mastering -

  • energy maintenance,
  • protection,
  • manifestation,
  • creating stamina,
  • strength,
  • inner power,
  • vitality,
  • connection and
  • lifeforce energy.

Benefits -

  • gain knowledge
  • practical techniques
  • inner peace and
  • the ability to retain your own energy and
  • be in your full power to
  • manifest the life and business/ career you desire.

Included in our classes will be

  • clearings
  • healings
  • protection techniques
  • rituals
  • routines and
  • life planning
  • all to create a maintained and well balanced life and life style.

Blessings Joanne

LIMITED SPACES….. Press this link to join us weekly for your transformational journey.