Sacred Healer Clearing and Healing Course  

 Have you ever wanted to become a healer?

Is this your calling? 

Sacred Healer Course





The Sacred Healer Clearing and Healing Course takes you, as a student on a journey of inner

transformation and discovery and explores the connection between our physical and energetic bodies, and   our  connection to the universe and how this effects us on our journey. 
In order to qualify as an energetic healer the topics taught are a general guide and will be covered during the   duration of the four terms and not in school holidays.

 Descripion of topics being covered may vary throughout the course due to my guidance being received,   sharing new or updated info may occur during the process of the year. 
We cover a mixture of theoretical, experiential and practical training in the principles history and techniques of energetic clearing and healing.

 By the end of this course you will be able to- 

* Clear, Heal and Balance the body and its layers of energy and energy systems, utalising varing techniques and procedures.
* Repair the energy bodies with Psychic Surgery.
* Replenish and Protect the body and it's aura energetically.

* Learn 15 different procedures for Clearing & Healing and Repairing Energy on every level
* Learn techniques for collecting and transmuting lower vibrational energy and objects after their removal.
* Learn to be a good listener and intuit and guide others on their journey with compassion and understanding.
* You would have cleared any blocks getting in the way of you moving forward with your career, soul purpose and life and grown on a personal and spiritual level.


If you are interested contact me and I will give more details for your consideration.
* Early bird price available (coming soon)
* Payment plans are available.
* This Healing Course will be an investment of 2 hours per week for 1 year of school terms as of February 2018.
This course is now online weekly through live calls on ZOOM.
All recorded for playback and if missed.
This covers all weekly notes, and support throughout, fb private group, plus a certificate to be able to get insurance with IICT.

I look forward to connecting with you.... Blessings Joanne 



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