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Are your emotions trapped inside your body?

Are your emotions and thoughts TRAPPED in your body?


It’s time to rise up…. If you are not aware of your own thoughts and feelings it is time to become more aware, now more than ever. We are rising and the phoenix is rising from the ashes. The phoenix is you. The only way to rise is to be in the midst of your darkness, emotions and thoughts that have or are holding you back from a happy and fulfilling life. Feel, see, hear and know your emotions and set them free.


I get asked so much, what is energy clearing and healing?


Let’s take a look at emotional build up for instance. We can hold onto emotions for years sometimes decades and never really deal with them or release them, then years or decades down the track they can rear their ugly head in order for you to do the work and let them go. How does this look to me as a healer?


Negative or lower vibrational energy can look like clouds of darkness or like energetic parasites that feed of the thoughts or emotions that you are carrying or creating, making that energy grow or become stronger. If we do nothing about these energy forms they can have a drastic effect not only on our health but also on our wellbeing. Here’s what happens…. These energy forms made up of negativity or lower vibes are going to talk to you, to let you know they are there and need to be resolved and cleared. When your body is in Dis- ease, pain, irritation and depression you get a clear wakeup call that not all is well.


As an energy clearer and healer, I can help you to clear away the clutter and build-up of emotional and mental congestion so that you are freeing the low vibe energy before it decides to manifest into something more serious, avoiding serious disease or illness. It’s important to see where this all came from and to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions in order to make sure we are not recreating the same energy blocks again. This is only a part of the work that I do, I will write more on that in another blog. We get to the deeper root cause of these ailments. We repair the damage done from these energies and heal you from the deep seated cause. There is co healing involved where I share techniques and rituals to assist you to clear these issues on a deep level. Clearing your build-up can feel uncomfortable but rest assured I am here to support you through this experience every step of the way, to enlighten your being with gentleness, sacredness and love. This in turn creates radical transformation. If you want to clear the past and move forward in fullness and power click here for a free 20min call with me or book directly to discuss how I can help you change your life.


Blessings Joanne Sacred Healer


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