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How to LOVE yourself

How to love yourself…


When you think about loving yourself its sounds difficult right? Because we are brought up to think that it is egotistic to love ourselves or pay attention to ourselves….


The perception of being a luvo is what we have been conditioned to believe. That is definitely not so and it’s not till we become adults that we realise how conditioned we are and need to change our perception of ourselves in order to be able to love and honour ourselves truly. We live in a world of comparisons and lack. Looking at what we don’t have rather than looking at what we do have and instead of being grateful and counting our blessings.


The first step to loving yourself is to recognise how you have been thinking and feeling about yourself. Imagine if you were your best friend or loved one standing right next to you. Would you be thinking those things and saying those things to your best friend or loved one? Are you treating yourself differently to how you would treat others? Ask yourself if you would say, think or do this to someone else and that will clearly show you how you have been mistreating yourself and not loving yourself enough.

If you’ve made the wrong choices and mistakes in the past we must forgive ourselves first in order to start walking on a loving and positive journey with ourselves. We need to live with ourselves every day, we spend the most time with ourselves and it would be the most wonderful and fulfilling journey if we could be our own best friend.


Ways to love yourself is to…..


  • Catch yourself when thinking negatively or being self-critical and change it to a positive or delete it from the universe and replace with a positive thought.
  • Say positive affirmations to yourself every day.
  • Forgive yourself for any past wrong decisions or doings.
  • Accept yourself for being you
  • Trust in the universe and your journey to be already on a positive and fulfilling path.
  • Ask for assistance by your spiritual guides and angels to help you to be a better person to yourself and in general.
  • Nurture and treat yourself with the things that create love for you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Examples are walking, yoga, get a massage, journaling, drawing, painting, listening to music, cooking, gardening and meditation, just to name some.
  • Surround yourself with beautiful things and people who love you.
  • Accept compliments and own them.
  • Remind yourself of the great parts of you and your personality, qualities and virtues. Your spirit and soul.
  • Make a commitment to yourself today to health, happiness, kindness and being love.


Loving yourself is the first step to truly being respected and loved by others.


Sending you love and blessings Joanne the Sacred Healer



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