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Healing The Heart

Healing the Heart


This is a little blog on my experience through some heart healing over the years. Sometimes we can suppress emotions unintentionally in order to get on with our lives and not let it affect us or others, like our family and children, work colleagues and friends that are in our everyday lives. After enduring relationship and friendship break ups myself over the years, I found myself in shock and disappointment of others perceptions and behaviours towards and about me time and time again.


Looking at my own life purpose and commitment and what rings true to me and my higher self, I felt that I was to look at it and keep moving forward with a heavy heart at the time. I realised that sometimes it not my issue it belongs to the other person and you are just on the receiving end in some cases. I chose to understand it from the other person’s perspective even if they didn’t understand it themselves. So I soldiered on getting on with my service and being a support to others with my focus on work. I had to accept some people just don’t want or feel they need your friendship or any of your advice or help. They need to figure it out for themselves, just as I need to reassess things and work out what’s going on for me.


What truly makes me happy is if I can make a positive impact in someone’s life, then I am there, no problem, I will do what I can in order to make someone else’s pain and challenges less. I can’t say that it did not pull on my heart strings at times when other people will not take full responsibility for their own emotions and actions, it did and I was very hurt, but life goes on right?


It can be a huge sign of self-sacrifice, if we are continuously contributing to a relationship and it is not exchanged and valued in the same way. Ask yourself the question….How much of you are you giving away???


I did give myself time to express emotion but obviously not enough, so here the story goes……….. Much later down the track…. Feelings were coming up that surprised me and had me questioning if I had actually dealt with the releasing and getting over the hurt and disappointment at all.

So I knew it was time to honour myself and feel it once again to release it from myself in order to move forward. This came up in a time when I had finally given myself time to unwind and have a break from my busy schedule.


Have you ever noticed how that can a happen and most of the time happens when we decide to give ourselves time out. The universe has a funny way of making us do the clearing work when we least expect it or want it.


How did I release from my body you may ask….?


Firstly I took my awareness to a sensitive state of acknowledgment in the moment. Every moment was an intense awareness of noticing signs from the universe in how those signs being objects, insects, words, feelings of my surroundings and seeing the reflection of those signs within myself.

I would do what nurtured me and gave me a sense of safety and trust.


Crying is a form of releasing emotions. Writing is a form of releasing thoughts and emotions. Exercise is a form of releasing unwanted energy through movement, moving the energy through and out of the body. Meditation is a form of releasing spiritually. So physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually I found ways to relieve and release from my body and energetic system.


Nourish, nourish and nourish all areas of your being and fill yourself back up so that you can move forward with a sense of renewal and clarity.


Blessings from Joanne the Sacred Healer.


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Joanne Vassallo

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