Success Stories


I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with this beautiful being!!  Jo came into my life during my dark night of the soul and she held me so tenderly and earnestly while she wielded a quiet power that I have never before seen or felt.  She lifted the darkness from me and has been a steady source of support, teaching, laughter, and friendship ever since.  She is pure integrity, love, and light.  I am blessed and forever changed for knowing her.  <3

Paula Wickerberg

Joanne is a true healer. Powerful doesn't cut it. She cleared a heck load of residual energy that needed to be released from me to move to the next stage of my life and business. Don't hesitate to hire her if you want to rise and transcend.

Ingrid Arna


Wow, where do I start? I've know Joanne know for a few years now and this year I decided I wanted to become a sacred healer myself. I've learnt a lot about myself, what I really want in my life, whats holding me back and what triggers me into old patterns. Joanne has mentored me and assisted me to integrate myself into wholeness. Really turning into who I am and what my sacred purpose is in this life. I call Joanne the sacred healer who assists the wounded healer into finding balance and love. Her insights and wisdom is powerful and transformational. Her healing abilities are beyond words. Am very blessed to call Joanne my teacher and sacred healer but also greatful to call her my friend. Thank you for being part of my journey and being the light in my life.

Claudine Rainbow


Joanne is attentive, caring and is a master at her craft. I have seen her more than once and both times she took the time to really listen to the words behind the words and what wasn't being said, and knew exactly what I needed. I was able to clear the things I went there for, connected more to my higher self and my guides, and have a stronger sense of direction, as well as the know-how to tap in and really listen to the messages which are present all around me at all times, and this is just the beginning.


She listens and really steps into your world alongside you, and to top it off she followed up with me multiple times to guide me through the integration period following our session due to the depth of the work that we did.


Thank you Joanne. I would recommend anybody who wants to embrace their power and feel more connected to their true essence to see Joanne.


Much gratitude, Devesh


I have known Joanne for many years now. She has helped me more than I could begin to describe but I can only try.. I began by attending her meditation classes which led me on a path of self discovery, spiritual transformation and healing. For that I will be forever thankful. In the last few years I have seen her for a healing 3 times, the healing's I have had with Joanne have always been the best things I have decided to do in my life. With her support I have been able to truly begin a journey of healing. With her amazing help of cleansing me and healing me I am feeling more in touch with my soul and with her on-going support afterwards I know it will only get better and easier from here. Joanne is a gift to this earth and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths in my journey on this planet. I don't know where I would be without her presence in my life. A true Angel, a unique gem and beautiful, special soul. Eternally grateful.

Thank you,
Love Tori ❤


In my first session with Joanne I felt as though I'd made more progress in that one session than in the 10 sessions I'd previously had with a psychologist. Joanne's intuition was spot on and quickly nailed what the root of the problem was. Joanne gave me a healing, which I'd never heard of prior to that, but now love it. Since that day I've had a number of very personal and difficult life events to deal with, and Joanne has been my pillar of strength and support, both in person and distantly, whenever I've needed her. With her warm caring nature and obvious talent, I feel like I'm talking with a best friend who's known me all my life. I'm very grateful towards Joanne and everything that she has done for me, Sharon xox



I first connected with Joanne in March 2016 and since then have been working with her on a regular basis undertaking intuitive guidance, healing, clearing and mentoring sessions for both personal and professional purposes.  


Joanne’s gifts and natural ability as an intuitive mentor and healer are exceptionally powerful and her guidance is extremely accurate. Our sessions are always very exciting and productive and result in breakthroughs (at times unexpectedly). Our sessions always end with clarity and a sense of empowerment. I am always extremely grateful for having met Joanne and having the opportunity of working with an extraordinary woman. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Joanne and achieving outstanding personal and professional outcomes. 





Joanne is probably the most amazing woman I have had the chance to meet. Over the past year she has not only acted as a positive role model in my life, but she has also been my teacher and a great supportive friend. Joanne's abilities to heal, assist, guide and teach, have helped shape the person that I am today and given this, I won't go to anyone else. Joanne not only provides you with a service, but she genuinely cares about everyone she meets and works with. I would recommend her to everyone.

Love, Alex