Meet Joanne


Believing in magic and having some sort of hope for my future has always been something I believed in, since being a young child. As a child I could see and hear things that no one else could and kept it to myself once I realised this. So growing up wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was a little lonely. Not on the outside, but on the inside. That was till I realised that this was a part of me, my magic was to be able to connect with other energetic beings that were and are not in the physical. Once I accepted this part of myself I started to flourish secretly and I grew into a hard working young women working in the hair and beauty industry. In my 20’s I did Psychic Development and Tarot course. Little did I know that all of this would support and lead me to where I am today!


I tried to close myself off spiritually and psychically to be “normal” like everyone else, but it just wasn’t working for me. My unhappiness grew and grew and on my journey fell into situations and people that didn’t support and accept this part of me. So through my lessons and illnesses I needed to accept this part of me and finally, when I did, I realised how I could make a difference to so many people though my spiritual and psychic gifts and my own lessons on my journey, of getting to know myself and coming back into my own personal power that I was born with.

Whilst working as a hairdresser I certainly gained some counselling skills I felt like a psychologist at times. Whilst working as a beauty therapist I received intuitive messages and feelings and would discretely share my words and my clients would always be so surprised that I would know such things that they had never discussed with me. There were times whilst giving a treatment that I would naturally place my hands over certain parts of my clients bodies where I could see or feel there was a problem and they would comment on the heat or a feeling of tingles in that area at the time. There were times when a client would be preparing for surgery and after having a session with me they would call and say we have cancelled the surgery as the x-rays showed nothing. I found this even hard to believe myself, but time and time again different variations of healing started to happen. Removing pain from tooth aches and infections, sensing serious illness and referring my clients to see a doctor and get a specific area or thing checked. Again saving my clients from a progressed form of disease and catching it in the early stages made all the difference.

I decided it was time to further my skills by doing a few different energy clearing and healing courses, a mastermind life success course, masters in Reiki, masters in Meditation, intuitive development and card reading course a few writing courses and teacher training. So I starting blending my beauty services with my healing and this is where it has led me to today. Now I am fully focused on my healing services, mentoring, teaching and writing and am looking so forward to sharing the journey with you all. I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in divinely guided experiences, destinations and outcomes.


Many blessings, Joanne T Vassallo


Sacred Healer Joanne Vassallo