Distant House & Space Clearing

Distant Space Clearing for Personal homes, Individual Rooms, Buildings and Work offices and Spaces with Joanne.

All of our feelings and thoughts are made up of vibration and energy. Therefore any negative heavy feelings or thoughts and actions when expressed will expel and effect the person, people or rooms and areas it is expressed and expelled in. This can remain in your space for a very long time and can collect and accumulate. This can have a very depressive feeling and can effect what comes to you and block anything that may benefit stopping the clear natural flow of energy. Clearing a space is essential for flow, progress, success and well being. 

Great for the sale of a property, businesses and homes in general.

Sacred Healer Spirit Guide


Image by Bruni Bruni

What you will receive:


  • A written assessment of energy levels before and after
  • A full clearing of rooms, property or space
  • Intuitively guided suggestions on how to improve the energy in your space or property
  • Closing down of any universal energetic portals that may be obstructing or creating chaos of the good natural energy flow and space
  • Replenishing  of all rooms, property or space
  • A energetic protection over the rooms, property or space
  • Final notification on last day of monitoring when levels have stabilised at 100%
  • Straight after a distant clearing session the space will need to be monitored and replenished for sometimes days, till the new enriched energy becomes stable this is included in this service.