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In each and every moment Love and Magic exists within and around you!




When you ask for change and are willing and ready to commit to the process, 

the universe will support you just by asking for help. Yes it’s that easy.

We sometimes think we can achieve this all on our own, but the truth is we sometimes need

help with ideas, strategies, processing feelings and thoughts, direction and support.


When people come to me feeling exhausted, rundown, depleted, moody or unfulfilled by life, it’s usually a sign they have different types of lower vibrational, heavy energy forces affecting them. I release these negative forces by helping you resolve the feelings, thoughts, situations and energies that you have carried—sometimes for a lifetime, if not many lifetimes—so you can attract and embrace the freedom, joy, love and abundance that you so deserve. Your life will become radiant and fulfilling.


During my sessions with you, I work on a deep level to transform your life. My remote healing work can resolve feelings, thoughts and situations that need clearing and healing—those areas of your life that are holding you back from living your beautiful potential—and that may otherwise take you 10 to 20 years to resolve, if ever! Most people carry this energy for a lifetime and never really get what they truly want or desire in life because they are literally being dragged down by these energy forces. I support you during your releasing and processing period, which is essential for letting go without resistance and creating transition with ease and grace.


How I can help:

The work I do provides the healing and guidance needed to cultivate a life that embodies your dreams and desires. You will start to see positive changes in your reality as you heal, giving you the confidence and trust to create a life that you truly, deeply LOVE. It’s a sacred voyage home to yourself and your power.


Clear … Feelings and thoughts from the past; anxiety; depression; heaviness; unhappiness; disappointment; unforgiveness.

Heal ... Overwhelm; self-sabotage; marriage and relationship issues to bring you back to inner strength, love, power and optimum health.

Balance ...Your body and energy systems; your mindset; lifestyle; life.


You’ll release blocks and resistance with ease while being fully supported as you let go of old patterns and energies holding you back and process on your journey.



Jo river



Welcome to the Home of Sacred Healer

Sacred means~

connected to the divine creator

Healer means~

a person who mends or repairs

and that equals =

'Divine Transformation'


Hi, I’m Joanne Vassallo, also known as

'The Sacred Healer'

'The Healer’s Healer'

 and the

'Charmed One'.


Transformation Specialist  | Intuitive Guide and Channel  | Energy Healer  | Psychic Surgeon | Spiritual and Business Mentor  | Teacher  | Author 

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